O COLETIVO 308 tem como objetivo estimular distintas formas de pensar a Arte, através da produção coletiva e a intervenção nos espaços.

The collective group COLETIVO 308 has like objective to stimulate distinct forms to think about Art, through the
collective production and the intervention in the spaces.

terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2008


Enviado por Rita Costa amiga e artista portuguesa, para a divulgação.Aqui está Rita! Saudações do Brasil!

All entries go through a two-step selection process. The competition is judged solely by visuals submitted inline or attachment send to: Numbers of entries: 6 -12 works /image files submitted on-line. We can review your site for this purpose.

1st step selection
The first screening is free and is conducted by review of website for this purpose or on Jpeg [.JPG] versions of the submitted works inline or attachment (send to: ).

2nd step selection
Submitters whose entries pass the first screening are requested to submit inline or attachment the works (JPGs image files 72 dpi up to 600 pix. send to: along the works details -title, year, medium, size, price and the fee payment.

There is a US$ 80 / EUR 50 entry fee for 6 works. and US$ 15 / EUR 10 for each additional work.
Payment by Direct Transfer on account, by Money Order, by PayPal, by Western Union.
(NOTE: submitters whose pass the first screening only will be requested the competition fee).

The competition will be conducted in two rounds: preliminary and final assessment. Only works that pass the preliminary judging will advance to the final round.
Judging Panel: Andrea Pagnez, art critic, fine artist, editor, curator (Venice Biennial), Florence; Christopher Chamber, art critic, fine artist, editor, New York; Marta Dimitrescu, fine artist, director, editor, London; Åke Wallén, Director BGAB, art collector, Stockholm.

68 prizewinners will be awarded. Grand Prize: One Artists will be awarded two-pages in FINE ART artoteque quality art book, awardvalue $4,490.00. Award of Distinction: Two Artists will be awarded one-page in FINE ART harcover art book, awardvalue $2,250.00.Honorable Mention: 65 Artists will be selected for Diploma of Excellence (Honorable Award)

Materials to be received
Submit on-line 6 ~12 works /JPGs image files 72 dpi up to 600 pix. All submissions must be mailed to

Exhibition period
Deadlines : the earlier the better

E-mail address to submit
Participants must affirm that submitted works are the original creation of the applicant, and that the participant holds all related copyrights and has not violated intellectual property rights. No commercial activities of any kind involving participating works may be undertaken during the duration of the exhibition. In the event of violation of this agreement, the organizations reserve the right to disqualify participants, reclaim prize and awards, and publicly announce any or all violations.

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